Vocaloid Figures Coverage In Wonder Festival 2010

Some Vocaloid figures are spotted in the Wonder Festival 2010 Summer earlier today. I really don’t have anything much too say, they’re so damn nice that makes me want to buy them all… :( Well they have a lot of the other figures as well which I want too… WHAT TO DO! Anyway here they are, up there is Vocaloid Lily by Phat Company scheduled to release on November 2010. Read more for more stuffs =D

Hatsune Miku Koi wa Sensou by Good Smile Company, no details yet. This looks so awesome… and the pedestal is damn big, lol I wonder how much will this cost… :(

Black Gold Saw by Good Smile Company, also no detail. WANT! DX That saw with the pose look so bad ass 8D Playing pool? xD

Hatsune Miku Tony Version by Max Factory, scheduled for January 2011 release. As previously previewed, it has nice pose, and with the colour now, it looks awesome… 8D

Hatsune Miku Append Version by Max Factory, no details yet. Not to fond of this one, hmm… :3

There’s BRS Nendoroid, so they have Dead Master Nendoroid too now, no details yet on her.

The figmas, the new one is Black Gold Saw Figma by Max Factory, no details yet.

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Paw Laboratory Version by Good Smile Company, no details yet. I SO WANT THIS CUTE THING! D8

Apart from the Vocaloid figures, the one catch my attention and the one that I would want too are these cute things…

Kudryavka Nendoroid by Good Smile Company. It seems that this is Wonfes limited item… NOOOOOOOO! D8

Hinagiku Nendoroid by Max Factory, scheduled to release on November 2010 for 3500 yen. HHHNNGGGHHHHH!!!! Need to get this…

Kousaka Kirino Nendoroid by GSC, no details yet. This tsundere imouto from oreimo is the one series that I’m currently following from the light novel, then goes to manga, and now the anime is upcoming. Really looking forward for it! ^^ Kuroneko Nendoroid is also coming, with Kirino figma too… 8D

For now that’s all, i’ll update it if there’s anything more to add here, if not i’ll just update it on separate post. ^^ Most of them here I do want D: Ugh… Okay, time to work and get more money. XD

Thanks to wcloudxkumo and akibahobby for the pictures and sources.

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