StreetFest 2010 Cosplays

StreetFest is one of the first cosplay event I’ve been to in Singapore, to be exact it was the last 2008 StreetFest one, where I meet a lot of new friends also and having fun together :D Even though the event is not that big, and it’s not focused on for only cosplay event, it was fun to see lots of different character around… Well at least for me, it was quite fun… lol

Met up with quite a few of blogger

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friends that I haven’t meet for quite some time… Especially those people who were in Team Blue, come to think of it,

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our first meeting also was during StreetFest 2008 if I’m not wrong…

Anyway, had quite fun chatting and going around looking at cosplays, and in the end of the day few of us went for MAD dinner in MAD JACK… Thanks to Hitoribocchi for organizing it! ^^

Lastly, here’s some Akita Neru shots 8D -looks at Fuzzy-

Didn’t take a lot of pictures though, but I hope you enjoyed StreetFest 2010 from my camera :D If you looking for more well done cosplays shot, I recommend you to check on the pictures taken by Hexlord or The Banzai! Effect coverage on StreetFest. ^^

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