I LOVE Anisong Concert Photos

I LOVE Anisong 01

Sorry about the late AFA’09 Coverage… I know this is not even my photos yet, but I hope this can make up until I got the time to post it up, probably next week after I done with my submission and etc… xD So these are the official photos of the concert last week on AFA’09, Shoko-tan, Aniki, Fukuyama and May’n. ZOMG WHERE IS MIKU!!!!!! I’m sad. T_T

Anyway enjoy more picture after the cut. ^^

I LOVE Anisong 02

On the first day we have Shoko-tan performing on the stage ^^

I LOVE Anisong 03

This Gurren Lagann pose = Awesomeness xD Shoko-tan also posted this picture on her blog lol…

I LOVE Anisong 04

After Shoko-tan is Aniki’s turn, but before that it was Miku, WHERE IS MIKU PIC! D=

I LOVE Anisong 05

I LOVE Anisong 06

On the second day, we got Fukuyama on the stage ^^ It rocks! =D

I LOVE Anisong 07

May’n!!! xD

I LOVE Anisong 08

I LOVE Anisong 09

I LOVE Anisong 10

Overall it was really an awesome concert, I really enjoyed it both days ^^ Looking forward which artist coming on next year AFA =D

You can also look this picture over at AFA’09 facebook

page, and for some videos coverage on AFA’09 stuff you can go over to klik.tv AFA page.


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