New VOCALOID Project “Project if…”

Project if...

According to a post in Crypton blog yesterday, it seems that they are starting a new experimental development project outside the CV series. The new project is called “Project if…” This new project will be developed concurently with the two other project, Hatsune Miku append and the new upcoming male VOCALOID.

Read more for the video sample =D

Apparently the concept for this is “A pure childlike voice”, well I think you can get it from the sample above… xD It sounds really cute and humanly o_o According to recent post by Mikatan, this is a result of the collaboration between Crypton and WHOOPEE which she also previously mentioned. And most probably the sample above is done by this little girl… xD

Project If...

So the voice is not done by a seiyuu or a pro seiyuu, just by a person who has been musically trained.. ^^ Hmm, I can see the probability of VOCALOID loli team in the future… xD

Not much detail is revealed yet, probably will follow up later… =D

Info from Crypton blog via 初音ミクみく blog.

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