What is Online Games

In this modern age, new games are very entertaining. Whether it’s online games or offline games. But do you guys know what online games and offline games are? Here we will together find out the understanding of online games and complete offline games. For those of you who want to know about it, please read the writing until it is finished so let’s not be confused later.

What is Online Games

Online games are games played online using either a computer or a smartphone. As the name suggests, online games are played using an internet connection or wifi.

Lately online games are very much in demand by teenagers. In addition to being able to eliminate saturation, online games can also be used to make money. Many online games offer attractive rewards that we can exchange for money.

Starting from smartphone games to computer games or laptops. But it is not easy to earn money through the game because we have to be the best in the game we play. Most of these online games are played in groups or teams. Completing missions or battles that are available will make you win the title.

What is Offline Games

Offline game is a game that we can play offline without an internet connection. Offline games are also available on computers or smartphones. But offline games are not in much demand like online games. Most offline games are played to entertain children.

We can also get rewards by playing offline games. But the prize is only limited to in-game prizes and we can not make money. Enemies or opponents fight in offline games move automatically so that it is easier for us to defeat.

Well, above are some of the differences between online games and offline games that you should know. Now we will start discussing the benefits and benefits gained from playing online games and offline games.

Advantages of Online Games

Many advantages are gained from playing online games. One of them is to have a lot of friends. Although we have never met in person, but we will definitely make new friends in the online games that we play. That’s an advantage we can get.

More advantages of online games are as follows can have a lot of friends, can exchange ideas or strategy of the fight, can join the race in groups or teams, get prizes in the form of money, can be known to fellow gamers, and others.

For those of you who still do not understand the explanation I wrote above. Here is an example of online games and offline games that are again hits now.

Examples of online games include Mobile Legends, Arena Of Valor, PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire. Meanwhile, examples of offline games such as Temple Run 2, Super Smash MOBA, Soulcraft, Plants Vs Zombies 2

Above is an example of online games and offline games on Android. You must have played it a lot or played it before, right?

Here Are The Characteristics of Children Addicted to Games

Being a gaming addict since 5th grade has been experienced by a man named Nababa. Through the Healthy Living show on tvOne, Tuesday, December 8, 2020, Nababa told the beginning of her consciousness to suffer from gaming addiction.

Admittedly, gaming addiction gets worse when he feels without games, he has difficulty controlling emotions and difficulty time management. Nababa, now 20, admits he can forget himself when playing games. Time spent playing games can be more than 12 hours a day. Because of the game, the school was interrupted.

Regarding this, dr Eva Suryani said that a person is said to be addicted to games can be known from several characteristics. What are the characteristics of a person experiencing gaming addiction? Here’s dr Eva’s explanation.

“According to WHO, in mid-June there are criteria adiksi games. People who play games prioritize the game above other activities. Second, the man can’t control himself to stop playing games. Already knew there were negative consequences of the game but still done. For example, until there is a change in emotions, to cause impaired academic performance as well as relationship disorders,” said dr Eva.

Gaming addiction, according to dr Eva is a chronic brain disease but still treatable. Because, addiction to this game involves the functioning of the brain area, involving memory function.

Gaming addiction can be influenced by the environment, it can also be because the original goal of looking for entertainment but ended up difficult to control. Therefore, said dr Eva, school-age children should not be allowed to play games too long because their brain function has not been able to perfectly filter something that is necessary and unnecessary.

To prevent the occurrence of gaming addiction in children, parents can do other things that can make their activities more active.

“To prevent addiction to time-limiting games, do activities outside of fun games. Because entertainment is not only from games, it can do hobbies such as reading, cooking, and singing.”